Take a Factory Tour of Bentley

If you’re a big fan of Bentley, and if you’re reading this blog you most likely are, then you probably have always dreamed of taking a tour of the Bentley factory. It might seem like a pipe dream, but the truth is it can be done. And for a limited time, you don’t even need to be a Bentley owner to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The world famous Bentley factory is located in Crewe, England – a small city just south of Liverpool. The factory is an often requested place to visit, but few ever get the chance. Now, Bentley is opening its doors to those willing to make the trip. 

When you go, you will be greeted by an expert host who will give you a personal tour of the Bentley campus. The journey will start at the CW1 House, the main showroom. Here, you can view the entire lineup of Bentley models in all their glorious splendor. After that, you will get to experience the Lineage Hall, which showcases historic Bentley models from throughout its history. 

Finally, the tour will take you inside a production hall where you can see first-hand how Bentley’s are produced and manufactured. You are guaranteed to be amazed by the detailed process all of our engineers go through to handcraft every car. In all, the tour lasts two and a half hours and is a truly an experience you will never forget. You can also just choose to visit the CW1 house and see the showroom for yourself, which is open Monday through Friday.