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Here at Bentley Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA, we have an excellent service center ready to assess your vehicle’s needs. We service a full range, including tire rotation and replacement.

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Tire Benefits

It’s no secret that tires are one of the most important part of your vehicle, so it is vitally important to keep them in their best shape. The lifespan of tires can vary and depend on a number of factors such as, designs, driving habits, climate, road conditions, and the care you put into your tires. You can increase the life of your tires by keeping the correct air pressure and having your tires rotated. By replacing your tires you can better ensure the safety of your vehicle. Having your tires replaced can reduce the risk of hydroplaning, flat tires, or blow outs.


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Bentley Atlanta

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Serving Alpharetta, Buckhead, Atlanta

Our service center hires highly trained professionals that are experienced in working on Bentley vehicles, as well as, other makes and models. Our trustworthy services are performed by certified professionals. Their main goal is to satisfy the customer and complete the vehicle maintenance in a timely manner.

Bentley Atlanta in Alpharetta, GA, is here to assist with your vehicle maintenance needs. Stop in so we can fix your concerns with your vehicle in a professional and timely manner. Our goal is to satisfy the customer.

Quality OEM Parts

At Bentley Atlanta, we use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts on all our service jobs instead of aftermarket parts. OEM parts ensure your car continues to work at its best performance. OEM tires are the best choice for your car because most automakers work with tire manufacturers to make tires with specific characteristics to work with the performance features of the vehicle. Most OEM parts also come with an included warranty, unlike aftermarket parts. Some aftermarket parts may even void your vehicle warranty.